Enlivened by the challenge and discovery of evaluation

Through proper treatment and support, individuals can recover from psychological damage, attain solid management of chronic conditions, resolve relationship problems, and achieve new levels of academic success. I combine developmental neuropsychology, early brain development, and traumatology to solve diagnostic and behavioral conundrums, culminating in a roadmap to resilience. The challenge and discovery of evaluation enlivens and fulfills me.

I am gratified to see the relief on faces of clients and their loved ones when the struggle finally makes sense and comes to an end.


Specialty Areas

  • Child/Teen complex diagnostic evaluations
  • Trauma and dissociation evaluations (all ages)
  • Issues of youth involved in foster care/ adoption/child welfare
  • Psychoeducational evaluations
  • Child/Teen neuropsychological evaluations
  • Parenting capacity assessments
  • Attachment/bonding evaluations
  • Legal evaluations (see legal expertise)

“Dr. Patti van Eys provides comprehensive expertise in the field of complex childhood trauma. Her proficiency in psychological assessment combined with her extensive knowledge base allows her to conceptualize the most complex children in our society. At the same time, her compassion and empathy always keep the best interest of the child as the highest priority. As a result, she is an ideal consultant and evaluator. Always the champion for hurt children, ‘Dr. Patti’ also excels as a teacher, supervisor and mentor for mental health professionals. She has personally taught me a great deal about how to best help our most vulnerable children.”

Chris Moynihan, LCSW – Chief Clinical Officer, Omni Visions Inc.